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Family Law

Big family changes come with high emotions. Whether it is starting a new relationship, ending one, everything in between or planning for the inevitable in life, we are here to ensure that your stake in the big life changes are protected. We provide an honest, sober and objective voice when everything seems overwhelming and confusing. 

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Refugee Law

Are you or someone you know seeking refuge and a fresh start in Canada? Look no further! Our dedicated immigration expert is here to guide you through the intricate process of applying for refugee protection. With our comprehensive and personalized services, we ensure a smooth and successful transition, offering you unmatched value every step of the way.

Immigration Law

Canada offers various immigration pathways for individuals seeking to move to the country. Tembo Law understands the complexities of Canadian immigration and the importance of finding the right pathway to achieve your immigration goals. 


Administering Oaths and Document Authentication

We administer oaths, take and receive affidavits, affirmations or declarations and attest the oaths, affidavits, affirmations or declarations to be used with in the province of Alberta, Canada. The office is able to provide this service either in-person or virtually. To have your document(s) commissioned, book your appointment!