Refugee Law

Refugee or Protected Person Applications and Incidental Applications;

We represent our clients before all divisions of the Refugee Immigration Board of Canada

  1. Refugee protection applications: Our dedicated team of immigration expert provides expert guidance, personalized support, and compassionate assistance to individuals seeking refuge in Canada. With a proven track record of success, we offer comprehensive services and timely updates to maximize your chances of success. Let us navigate the complexities while you focus on rebuilding your life. Contact us today to begin your journey to safety and security.
  2. Refugee appeals/reviews: When facing the uncertainty of a refugee claim denial or unsatisfactory decision, hope can seem out of reach. That is where we step in, offering specialized services in Refugee Appeals and Reviews to provide you with a second chance at securing protection in Canada. Let us shed light on what this process entails and the unique value we bring to the table. Refugee Appeals and Reviews involve challenging an unfavourable decision made by the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) or the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). These crucial steps allow you to present new evidence, address any errors or misconceptions, and strengthen your case for refugee protection. This is a pivotal opportunity to turn the tide in your favour, and our practice is her to guide you every step of the way. 
  3. Humanitarian and compassionate applications: When faced with exceptional circumstances that require special consideration, the Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) application can provide a lifeline to individuals seeking refuge and a fresh start in Canada. Our expert professional is dedicated to guiding you through this complex process, offering specialized services that emphasize compassion, empathy, and personalized support. Let us illuminate the path to a brighter future and explain the value we bring to your H&C Application. The H&C is designed to address situations where individual may not meet the traditional criteria for immigration, but compelling humanitarian and compassionate factors warrant an exceptional consideration. This avenue allows you to present your unique circumstances, outlining why you should be granted the opportunity to remain in Canada based on compassionate grounds. At our law office, we understand the sensitivity and significance of H&C application.
  4. Stay of removals: When faced with the imminent threat of removal from Canada, your stay is not just a mere wish—it’s a critical need. Our law office understands the urgency and gravity of your situation. We offer specialized Stay of Removal Application Service, providing you with expert guidance and unwavering support to help you secure the opportunity to remain in Canada. Discover the unparalleled value we bring to your stay of removals application.A stay of removals application is a crucial legal process that allows individuals facing deportation or removal to halt their removal temporarily, granting them an opportunity to present compelling reasons why they should be allowed to stay in Canada. It is a vital chance to protect your rights, reunite with loved ones, and build a brighter future in this great country.

    Your stay is our priority. With our expert guidance, personalized approach, comprehensive evaluation, persuasive presentation, and unwavering representation, we are the partner you can rely on for your stay of Removal Application. Don’t wait another moment— contact us today to secure your stay and pave the way for a brighter future in Canada.